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Welcome to the Dry Lake's 2020 Executive

President: Heather Smuck

Vice President: Ken Barkley

Treasurer: Cori Moss

Secretary/Show Secretary: Michelle Young


Shawna Norsworthy

Stacey Moyer

Liz VanEvery

Aleasha Nimec

Melanie Dykstra

Cindy Barkley

Youth Director: TBA
Executive Committee Job Descriptions


·   Does not carry a vote unless there is a tie, then he/she will cast the deciding vote.

·   Presides over meetings. 

·   Works with committee chairs. 

·   Responsible for having Liquor License in their name for any events held while they hold the position of president. 

·   Has signing authority on cheques

Vice President

·   Carries a vote. 

·   Steps in when president is not available.  

·   Has signing authority on cheques. 

·   Is expected to take over Presidents position when he/she retires.


·   Carries a vote. 

·   Records minutes of all meetings, keeps records of minutes and archives. 

·   In charge of sending out any correspondence and cards such as condolences etc. 

Show Secretary:  

·   Carries a vote. 

·   Books judges for the show season and chooses patterns for each show (the judge may bring their own). 

·   Takes entries on show day

·   Inputs entries into their classes and gets all judge?s cards ready

·   Records points attained during the show and keeps a record of such.  Points must be tallied within a few days of the show date and given to the person heading up the newsletter. 

·   In charge of tallying the points and figuring out what classes qualify for year end awards. 


·   Carries a vote. 

·   Keeps record of financial activity in the club, including sponsorship, memberships, fundraising etc. 

·   All monies are to go directly to the treasurer such as show monies, fundraising monies, memberships, sponsorships etc. 

·   All receipts are to be given to the treasurer for payment. 

·   Responsible for picking up the mail and paying the bills, and having floats ready for any events that it is necessary. 

·   All membership and sponsorship forms are to be given to the treasurer. 

·   He/she will then be in charge of categorizing and keeping track of all members and sponsors. 

·   Has signing authority on cheques

Show Directors (6): 

·   Carry a vote. 

·   All directors will be responsible for helping out at club functions and are expected to attend all meetings. 

·   Directors should be available to serve on committees and be prepared to contribute their time and other resources.

Fundraising/Sponsorship Director

·   Carries a vote. 

·   Responsible for recruiting a committee to help brainstorm and implement fundraising projects throughout the year. 

·   Also responsible for delegating people to contact any previous sponsors from the year before that have not re-sponsored as well as recruiting new sponsors from the community

Youth Director

·   Carries a vote. 

·   Handles any fundraising for youth. 

·   Heads up the silent auction held during the year end banquet, this entails making sure that there are items for the auction. 

·   Handles the paperwork for the Youth Team Tournament and/or any other venues that are being represented by Dry Lake?s youth. 

·   Bring forth ideas for year end awards and present them at year end banquet. 

·   In charge of the Food Booth ie: who is running it that day and getting everything that will be needed (food, drinks, plates, napkins, etc.)

Trail Boss

·   Does not carry a vote unless it is a director doing it.

·   Organizes and runs trail rides held by DLSC on the first Sunday of the month unless it to be held at someone?s farm/residence.  In that case, the owners of the land will be responsible for parking and trails.  

·   Organizes the trail rides for the annual overnight trail ride traditionally held in August. 

·   Makes sure that waivers are signed or memberships are done by all trail riders before each ride takes place. 


·   Does not carry a vote unless it is a director doing it. 

·   Responsible for getting updated copies of the all members and sponsors from the treasurer.

·   Responsible for updating DLSC Website and FB page.

·   Responsible for a monthly newsletter getting out in a timely fashion (during show season) which includes information about trail rides, shows, upcoming events and show points.  Off season the newsletter is done when needed to keep members informed of the upcoming events of the club.

·   Also responsible for photocopying (photocopier is supplied and is to be kept at your home) mailing or emailing the newsletter to all members.


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