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Revision June 29,2020


 NAME:  this club shall be known as the Dry Lake Saddle Club herein known as the "Club".

CLUB COLOURS:  The club colours are and will remain red and white.


a)      to promote and elevate the standards of horsemanship

b)      to conduct and carry on its activities in accordance with the Show Rules of the Western Horse Association of Ontario(W.H.A.O) and the Dry Lake Saddle Club.

CONTROL:  The affairs if the Club shall be under the control and management of the Executive Board.

EXECUTIVE BOARD:  The Executive Board of the Club shall consist of a President, Vice- President, Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer,  Youth Director and minimum of 6 Directors.

a)      The Election of the executive shall be held in compliance with the By-Laws.

b)      All positions are elected, except, for the Past President, which is an automatic position. 

c)       All executive can exercise a vote except for the President.  In the case of a tie, the President is eligible to vote to break the tie.

d)      The President and the Vice President must have served on the executive for one year to be eligible for these positions.

MEMBERSHIP:  The membership of the club shall be classified as "Adult membership", "Family Membership"and "Youth Membership".  To be a Club member an annual membership fee, in accordance with the said fees to be designated by the Club executive, must be paid in full before exhibiting at the Dry Lake Saddle Club for that current show season.

a)      A Family membership shall be entitled to the all the rights and privileges of the Club, except that this membership shall be entitled to two (2) votes only.  With the exception of a spouse, a person cannot harbor under a family membership upon losing his or her youth status. 

b)      Youth Membership:  a person who is eighteen(18) years of age or less as of January 1st of the current show year and is entitled to all the privileges of the club and is entitled to one vote at the meetings.

c)       Adult Membership:  a person 19 and over as of January 1st of the current show year and is entitled to all the privileges of the club and is entitled to one vote at the meetings. 

d)      The executive has the right to revoke memberships, but must show just cause at a General Meeting.

MEETINGS:    Meetings shall be classified as General Meeting and Executive Board Meetings and are to be set by the executive.

a)      21st Century Robert's Rule of Order will be used as a final reference for all disputes regarding proper parliamentary procedure.

b)      To change the constitution and the By-Law, you must notify the executive, in writing, prior to an executive meeting, put in the following newsletter, then voted on at the next general meeting.

BY-LAWS:  The Executive shall have full power to enact, amend, repeal or re-enact By-Laws of the Club by two thirds vote of the Executive members present, subject to due notice having been given.

CLASSES:  the Club will be and must remain an "All Breed" based horse show Club offering games, performance (English and Western), and halter and showmanship classes.  All classes shall be judged as set out by the W.H.A.O and Dry Lake Saddle Club Rules.



1.       The election of the Executive is held at the Annual General Meeting with the new executive taking office immediately and will serve a one year term.

2.       If a member of the executive misses three (3) executive meetings and or resigns his/her position the general membership will vote to fill the position for the remainder of the show year.  If a President vacates his or her position, the Vice President automatically assumes the President's position for the remainder of the term and a new Vice President is elected by the general membership.

3.       The executive has the power to control all soliciting at club functions and the right to spend up to $500.00 Canadian per item without going to the membership for approval.

4.       Office fee of $5.00 applies to each horse/ pony entry. Price of paid show entries is to be left up to the discretion of the executive. 

5.        The executive will set out the class list for each year.  The Secretary is responsible for hiring the Judges for the current show season.

6.       The classes offered by the Club shall be judged by the rules and regulations of the most current Western Horse Association Rule Book.  In the event of inclement weather, dress rules will be left up to the discretion of the judge.

7.       Point tabulation:  points and ribbons will be awarded to 5th place where applicable.  To be eligible for a year end class award, an exhibitor must have shown at least 3 times in that class  Regardless of the number of horses in a class, the point system shall apply as follows:  1st place 5 points, 2nd place 4 points, 3rd place 3 points, 4th place 2 points, 5th place one point.

8.       Points will be award as follows:

Lead line and all Walk jog classes - Points to the rider

Speed Event Classes - Points to the horse

Western/English Pleasure - Points to the horse

Equitation/Horsemanship - Points to the rider

Steady Hand - Points to the rider

Command - Points to the horse and rider combination

9.       An award will be given for the Most Improved Youth Rider and The Sharon Allison Youth Sportsmanship Award, will be decided upon by the executive. 

10.   Year end class awards will be given to the Grand and Reserve Placing in all qualifying classes.  In the event of a Grand Award tie both recipients will receive the award and the Reserve will be eliminated.  In the event of a Reserve Award tie, the most number of 1st ribbon placing will be awarded the Reserve Award.

11.    For High Point Awards, only one award will be presented in each of the following divisions.  In the event of a tie, the most number of 1st place ribbons, will determine the High Point Placing.

HI POINT 12 & UNDER-12 & Under Showmanship, 12 & Under Walk/Jog, 12 & Under Novelty Performance, 12 & Under Novelty Games.

Hi Point Overall Youth Games--Youth Barrels, Youth Poles, Youth Dash for Cash, Youth Stake

Hi Point Overall Open Games-Open Barrels, Open Poles, Open Dash for Cash, Open Stake

Hi Point Youth Performance-Youth English Pleasure, Youth Western Pleasure, Youth Trail

Hi Point Open Performance-Open English Pleasure, Open Western Pleasure, Open Trail



1.       No Alcohol permitted on the show grounds.

2.       Monthly point award shows to be held at Decewsville grounds, starting at 10 o'clock am sharp.

3.       Office fee of $5.00 applies to each horse/ pony entry.

4.       No refunds after 10am for missed, scratched or cancelled classes.  All entry fees taken after 11 o'clock am are double.

5.       A pony is defined by Dry Lake Saddle Club of being 52 inches and under (13hh).  Eligibility for Youth Team however will be determined on those ponies exceeding height restrictions in force during the qualifying show season as established by the Ontario Saddle Club Youth Team Tournament (O.S.C.Y.T.T.).

6.       In games classes, contestants have 15 seconds to enter the ring after the last call for their class and must walk or are led out of the show ring following the class or exhibitor will be disqualified from that event.

7.       In timed events, all youth 18 years & under must wear CSA equestrian protective headgear (helmet) properly secured.  In 18 & Under Performance classes, CSA equestrian protective headgear properly secured is optional but strongly recommended.  Any rider who chooses to wear protective headgear in any event, will not be discriminated against.

8.       In games classes, knocking over a barrel or pole results in a 5 second penalty, and a 2 second penalty applies for the loss of their hat after the timer starts.

9.       Persons outside of the exercise and/or show rings on show days must lead his/her horse/pony to and from their trailers for the safety of the spectators and other exhibitors.

10.   If a horse is a known kicker, a red ribbon must be secured in its tail and be visible to other exhibitors.

11.   *CLOSED CLASS* Lead line Exhibitors and handlers must show in proper English or Western attire. The halter must be worn over the bridle. Exhibitors may show in lead line classes, as well as all in-hand classes.  

12.   *CLOSED CLASS* Exhibitors in a Walk/Jog class are prohibited to lope in these classes and will be disqualified after 3 strides. Exhibitors may only show in walk/jog classes, as well as all in-hand classes. 

13.   Exhibitors class participation rulings. (Age as of Jan 1st of current show year)

  8 & under          Lead line, Lead line Novelty

12 & under          12 & Under Showmanship, 12 & Under Walk/Jog , 12 & Under Novelty Performance, 12 & Under Novelty Games

13 & over             13 & Over Walk/Jog, Halter Mares, Halter Geldings & Stallions, Open Showmanship

Youth                    18 & under and cannot show in closed classes.

Open                     Participants can be of any age, however, cannot show in closed classes.

                Children 12 & under will be allowed to move back down a division once during a show season at a following or subsequent show. 

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