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      Dry Lake Saddle Club was founded in 1965. Named after a small lake in the Nelles Corners area, the first shows were held at various members homes.

     By 1970, Dry Lake Saddle Club received the use of the Decewsville Road property where the shows are still held today on the 3rd Sunday of each month from May through September.

     In 1977, Dry Lake Saddle Club sent its first youth team to the Ontario Youth Team Tournament.They have continued to send a team every year to date.

     Dry Lake Saddle Club is a non-profit, community based and family oriented organization, comprised of members and volunteers dedicated to the equine world.

     Dry Lake Saddle Club strives to provide the opportunity for local rides of all ages to join together in "fun" horse shows with a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and friendly competition.



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